Fabric of Time screenings in Ghent and Paris

27-2-2014 Ghent in Kaskcinema                                                                              (http://www.schoolofarts.be/kaskcinema/voorstelling/het_grote_ongeduld_xtra)

19-3-2014 Paris in Le Cube                                                                       (http://www.lecube.com/fr/anthropologies-numeriques-2eme-edition_2309)


“Fabric of Time is an encounter with broken continuities in domestic life. Navigated by three different visual textures, the film feeds on the author’s childhood memories of rupture in the social tissue, personal and political, familial and generic at the same time.

END GAME in Athens Video Dance Project 2014

Sunday 23rd of February, Theatre School of Fine Arts (Piraeus 256)

Fabric of Time Still 2

Endgame is a performative re-enactment of childhood memories, with three performers and the 16mm film camera on the dolly as the fourth performer. This cinematic experiment implicitly talks about the author’s point of view on his family’s history and domestic conflict, while constructing memories for the years purposefully forgotten. The subtle, piercing music of Kostas Hanis completes the experience of the beauty and horror of the gestures of a breaking relationship.

Directed & written by Miki Ambrózy
Choreographed by Andreas Chanis
Performed by Alexis Tsiamoglou, Caroline Daish, Maxim Daish-Belay
Cinematograhy by Sebastien Koeppel and Boris Belay
Live sound performance by Patrick Codenys
Sound mixing by Patrick Codenys
Edited by Miki Ambrózy and Rudi Maerten

Produced by Miki Ambrózy and Luca School of Arts, Sint Lukas Campus (Belgium)
September 2013 ©


Research for “Crossroads”

A lighting design study for my piece “Crossroads”. The study was on the images from the film “Paris, Texas” of Wim Wenders.  It was created during my residency in Poznan (November 2013) for the Spazio Programme.

Dancers: Vincent Colomes, Alexis Tsiamoglou
Lighting Design: Alexis Tsiamoglou, Alice Pons
Camera: Victor Fung

Special thanks to Tiedo Wilschut and the lighting technicians of Stary Browar Nowy Taniec.